Why Your Business Requires Digital Marketing to Grow and Suc...

The world has shown an exemplary shift from analog to digital in the past decade. Statistics show that in 2000, about 361 million people were found online. But as of statistics of October 2019, there are around 4.48 billion internet users in this world, encompassing 58% of the global population, and which shows a surprisingly huge growth rate. Number of people accessing the Internet are growing at a rapid rate each year in India. The trend right now here is people are so connected to each other and an average person spends over 2 hours a day, online. More people have started using the Internet for online shopping as shopping online has become more convenient and practical. There's also been an explosion of growth in video on social media and other sites like Hotstar, Netflix etc. in the recent years. And so, using digital marketing, a business owner will be able to reach an enormous audience in a way that is both cost-effective and measurable. It's proven as the best way to reach out to your targeted customers.

Create a web presence for your business
If you are a business owner finding new ways to sell your products or broaden the customer base, why don't you think about creating a web presence for your business? Not sure about how it generates leads? Well, we'll discuss it here. Having a web presence online makes it easier for your potential customers to reach you. That is, today if a customer wants to know more about your company, they are more likely to do a research online. Suppose you have a pet shop in Cochin. And if someone searches for "pet shops in Cochin", the Google search results show your website in its listings. Anyone who wants to learn more about the business can click on the website link then and get the information required. A good website should provide the details such as the products or services offered, client testimonials, routes to the shop's location, etc., and if a customer is interested, they should also be able to contact you through a submission form.

Creating Ads
Creating Ads or Digital Advertising is incredibly easy with the right tools. It is by which how you can advertise your products or services. With Search Ads, potential customers are made to find your ads. You can also set the target geographic location the Ad should cover. And linking Google Analytics to the ads created will help you get deeper insights such as the number of people who clicked on the ad, who purchased a product, who watched the video, etc. Though there are many techniques to get this done, working on the strategy, the creative and technical part, setting cost etc. are found as a challenge faced by the businesses. All these require considerable effort and hence businesses approach digital marketing companies. We at I Do Designs, provides 360-degree digital marketing solutions to our clients. Our team of professionals understands the client requirements better and provide delightful services that work for them effectively.

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Why Businesses Need to Invest in Custom Web Design?

Online web presence is crucial for your business in today's world. Earlier, businesses were satisfied with a generic website, but technology is changing and things have become a lot different now. A customized web design has become crucial for every business. Customers look towards your site for more information regarding how you serve their needs.

Though the development of a website is far more effortless today than how it was like years ago, the development of customized web design demands proper planning as you know the website is going to be the whole representation of your company or brand. Your brand is unique to your business and you will want to showcase it through the custom design elements.

Benefits Your Business can Experience with a Custom Website Design

1. Help You with Brand Recognition
With a custom web design, your business can easily integrate the brand concept by including a unique color theme, custom layout design as well as graphics and images, easy to use features, navigation tools, etc. You as the business owner can then claim complete copyrights to the design. A generic website may look like everyone else’s as most of the popular templates or themes have been downloaded thousands of times.

2. Offers Scalability and Flexibility
Customers are offered a user-friendly approach with a custom web design. Developers will be able to scale the website’s design process and could make adjustments whenever needed. At the beginning, a proper structure is set up by the developers when designing the site’s roadmap, and this can be customized on an ongoing basis. Customized designs offer much more scalability and flexibility, although it comes at a price and requires some professionals to manage the system.

3. Gain a Complete Control Over the Website
This is one of the primary advantages with customizable designs. Your website need not be constructed as per the specifications set by the provider. You will be having the complete freedom to choose the software you want, format the layout, edit and modify as per you wish, along with the freedom of complete privacy and security. You will be allowed to craft it with the way you want and you can contact the agency for any assistance required.

4. Good for SEO Purposes
SEO is critical for your business as it impacts your website’s ranking in the search results. Web design can have a great impact on SEO. If the design is complex and not impressive, users may check in other websites, leaving a bad impression towards the company. With a customized design, you can make your website SEO friendly. For a good page ranking and better exposure to the audience, integrating marketing with web design and development is important.

With these benefits, it is paramount that your business has a unique custom website design that exactly reflects what your business is and its nature. I Do Designs is a professional web design company in Cochin, having a well-experienced team of designers or developers with the latest web skills who can provide you with fully customized websites. If you are planning on a new customized website for your business or to upgrade your web presence, feel free to contact us at any time.

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Top 5 Advantages of Having a Website for Your Business

Today, people are on the Internet for information. If you have a business, but if you don't have a website, the more likely scenario is that your business won't grow and thrive. Read on to find out a few of the advantages of creating a website for your business.

1. Requires Less Capital
Let's think about the advertising medium such as printed media, radio, television, etc. Have you ever promoted your business through any such medium? Then you must know how expensive it will be. But, investing in advertising is essential too. Building a website for your business is easier with a speedy network and technical knowledge on the web page, and which would require less capital. If you are new into creating a website, the Internet itself provides you with knowledge regarding web design or development. Or you can hire any professional web designing company to do it for an affordable cost.

2. Improved Customer Satisfaction
Having a website will provide more convenience for all your customers, especially those who find it hard to visit the store directly for more details. A website makes it easy for the customers to purchase or use the service from you. From a customer's point of view, they feel comfortable if they don't have to ask for anything as with a website, all information is readily available online. But, at the same time, queries can also be processed immediately via online forms available on the website.

3. Increased Business Opportunities
By creating a website, your business gets more exposure to the international audience. That is, anyone from any country will be able to find your company. This gives a chance for all the potential investors around the world to connect with you. Also, a website provides an opportunity to prove your credibility and reliability which will increase your customer base. This gets an opportunity for more positive feedbacks for your products or services.

4. Stay Current with Technologies
A website allows you to stay current with the technologies. And, staying current with the technologies has a great impact on the customer interaction with your business. By keeping up with trends, you can ensure that your customers have a pleasant web experience, making them more likely to buy from you in the future. By being aware of the changing trends, you can help run your business more smoothly and efficiently.
5. Complete Creative Control Over Your Business
When it comes to web designing and development, you are the one who has to finally confirm the works. In short, you have the freedom or right to suggest changes in functionality and design. You don't even have to confirm with an outsider if you strongly feel that any functionality is not working properly in terms of getting traffic.

With these advantages, you now know why having a website is important for your business. And, if you don't have the sufficient technical knowledge, you can contact I Do Designs, an expert web designing company to get you a business-friendly website. Our web design services are trusted by many businesses wanting to improve their online presence and increase sales.


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How Does a Responsive Web Design Benefit Your Business

Nowadays, most of the Internet users are using mobile devices to reach to the World Wide Web. It is extremely important that a mobile-friendly web design is so critical to your company’s website.
What is a Responsive Web Design?
A responsive web design method aims at coding a website to give an optimal viewing, reading and navigational experience across different devices, including mobile phones, tablets, laptops, gaming devices, watches, and other mobile devices. I Do Designs, a leading web application development company in Cochin, help develop responsive web designs that will help the businesses grow.
Benefits of Responsive Web Design
1.    Improved User Experience
The study shows that 52% of Internet users hesitate to do business with a company if they had a bad mobile experience. The responsive web design makes sure that the mobile presence is functional and attractive. Functional is finding the actual information someone is searching for. Mobile optimized websites will significantly improve the user experience and satisfaction, which make a positive impression about the company.
2.    Faster Loading Speed
Mobile users will abandon a web page if they have to wait for more than 6 seconds to load. Websites that are mobile optimized loads faster as the code is structured in a way to make the website completely compatible. A normal website that is not mobile optimized will render too slowly on mobile devices. The consistent message from Google over the years has been that search results consider the fast loading sites more.
3.    Improved Search Rankings
As we all know, Google regularly changes its ranking algorithm. And the fact is that some ranking signals are mobile-friendly. Google now favors responsive websites over websites that are not responsive as they found most of the users’ access internet through their mobile devices. And responsive websites help boost the search engine rankings so that the chance is more than that you are chosen by a user.     
4.    Helps Keep Your Business Ahead in Progress
As Google updates their algorithms, there is a chance that the flow of your business is interrupted. Search engines continually update for new mobile trends and thus a mobile-friendly website design help protect your business from such updates.

Responsive Websites are Uncomplicated to Manage
With a mobile-friendly design, there is no need to change the layout of text, images and videos as the device changes.
A Design for the Future
Nowadays, new devices with larger screens are being introduced by the mobile companies. And everyone prefers a responsive design that already accounts for the changes in the future. Being able to offer your customers a wonderful mobile optimized experience means you have expanded the reach of your business which will improve the chances your services are being discussed more. I Do Designs at Cochin offers web design services that are 100% responsive, so as it will adapt all devices from mobile to web. We make sure that your web page is designed professionally, clear and crisp, and easy to navigate.


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What Does It Take to Develop a Successful Website?

If you are starting a website for a reason, you will want the site to accomplish all the goals. A successful website helps you stay ahead of the competition in your respective industry. Focus on these 10 key factors that can help you create a better and successful website.

Start with a Plan
Make a list of your ideas and establish overall website goals. Decide on the categories for products/services as a keyword analysis is to be done based on those categories. You can also draw a representation to visualize the website structure for planning.

Do Keyword Research
Identify the keywords used by the customers using Google AdWords Keyword Tool. Select keywords of highest search volume. Check for the competition of those keywords and work on those as it is difficult to compete with existing websites.

Act Wise with Selecting Domain Name and Hosting Provider
Choose a domain that includes the most relevant keyword. Prefer .com domain name as it gains more trust than others.

When it comes to hosting, opt for VPS Hosting if your website success relies on huge traffic. Others can run fine on a shared web hosting account.

Decide on Static or Dynamic Website
You should go for a CMS if the website content needs to be updated frequently. And if you have decided for a fixed number of pages and content, a static website without a back-end would do.

Select a Brilliant Template
If you don’t have enough design-budget, a ready to use and a good-looking website template will be a better option for your CMS based or static website. And if you are choosing a template with animations or sound, ensure you have the knowledge to edit Adobe flash files.

Have Unique and Fresh Content
Well-written content that is optimized with the chosen keywords get the chance to rise to the top of the search results and gain reader’s attention.

Basic Optimizations
The different header tags h1, h2, h3 etc. are a must use parameter. It’s also important to use a relevant page title, meta description and “ALT” attribute in image tags.

Site Audit and Rectify Errors
Check the functionality of your website in different web browsers. Identify all the errors and rectify all of them before making the site live.

Track & Learn Through Google Analytics
Google Analytics is a great platform that provides valuable insights, including the behavior of your visitors, no. of pages visited by a user and most visited page which helps in optimizing your website from time to time.

Have Good Promotion
Paid advertising is one of the different ways to get more visitors to your website. And there are options to submit press releases for free and paid as well. It increases the chance of your website get mentioned in a newsletter. Adding the website link on to the social profile will also help a lot.

If you want your website to be successful, it needs to stay ahead of its competitors. At I Do, we help you build a website that genuinely stands out from the gathering and one that meet all your requirements.

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Marketing Strategies and Ideas for a Web Development Compan...

Web development industry is rapidly growing. Creating and implementing effective marketing strategy for your business can be a challenge if you lack extended experience in marketing and planning. So, how can you plan your unique approach?

What are your current marketing materials? Was it designed understanding the buyer’s journey? Does it include all your technical skills? How unique is it from that of your top competitors?

Let’s look at some proven marketing strategies to help your company stand out from the competitive technology market.

Updating the Portfolio Page
A great portfolio page is inevitably needed as it allows you to show off your unique style and skills. But most of the portfolio pages showcase the screenshot of the websites that they have worked on. And how many of you think that your prospective clients understand the effort you have taken to build up the same and what success you have brought to the client?

Let’s clear all those with a smart portfolio page.

Improve the Sales with Past Projects
Sophisticated buyers look for specialists. How do you convey your expertise through a portfolio page? Add case studies about a few of your brilliant web development projects. Mention the client requirement in the initial stage. Maybe it was started with a conversion like “We are looking for a website to sell our products”. Explain how did you start and how it led to improve the sales for your client. Also, mention how good the site performs and add words of the client. Remember, a business owner is more likely to choose a website development company if they get to read about you worked for a client of similar niche and made them successful.

About Us Page and Services Page
Many of the companies pass irrelevant information through About Us page and Services page. About page should explain who you are and why a client should choose you over the competitors. Cramming all the information such as the Company History, Industry Specializations, Team Members in the About page is overwhelming.

When it comes to Services page, it needs to convey all about the services you offer.

Marketing Strategy into Action
Wrapping up, it’s super important to differentiate your company from everyone else, and thus give the prospective clients a reason to choose you. You are half done if you able to convince that you are able to handle their project efficiently.

Your past projects assure your clients of your expertise. Have the About page and Services page include the relevant details. Convince the client how you utilize your technical skills for the growth of a company. Using these strategies, you can attract potential prospects, encourage them to search you out on social media such that they will have trouble refusing to choose you for their web development project. At I Do Designs, we can help you out with all your web designing and marketing needs. We will work together to build an appealing website that has a
positive impact on your business.

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How Does the Technology of Virtual and Augmented Reality Imp...

Web design has taken a long journey since when the first ever website was published. The once static websites have advanced into dynamic ones. Another significant consideration for the web development was the explosion of the mobile web. This digital revolution has given way to the popularization of responsive design. When comparing the website designs today with the old ones, you will realize how far we have come in terms of technology.

A perfect website needs to clearly communicate with the audience what you do and it absolutely needs to be compelling so as to make the users visit all other pages. The design of the website matters a lot when it comes to its success. A nice design in terms of usability and utility determines an aesthetic and functional website. Good web designers know that design is a practice and it requires iteration and exploration.

Web design companies in Kerala have started to take advantage of new technologies to enhance the browsing experience of their websites. The biggest evolution is the technology of virtual reality and augmented reality. And the websites are gradually getting into this trend for offering a great user experience.

Virtual reality brings about an exhaustive immersion experience that makes the users feel like they are out of the physical world. Users need to be trained to interact with the virtual environment so as to experience a situation in real-time. The technology can be experienced by using a headset, which the users need to wear on their eyes. It can also be used for enhancing the experience of imaginary but real situations like gaming or 3D videos. Virtual Reality is implemented using Augmented Reality. It is the technology that presents the virtual objects in real-world scenarios in real time. This involves adding details to the existing items so as to create a totally new but artificial environment.

Both the technologies can operate independently and can also create magic when merged together. The effect these technologies produce will be going to have a particularly huge impact on the way we browse. Augmented Reality (AR) offers a complete 360 experience where the users will be able to access the information in an organized fashion. With this influential technology, users can engage with the product or service before taking a decision on purchasing or utilizing it. This exciting technology provides the web designers more opportunity to interact with the users.

Looking at how web design has advanced thus far, it’s more than interesting and exciting to guess about where it will be in the future years. I DO Designs is one among the top web development companies in Kerala, equipped with a team of experienced professionals, offering comprehensive digital media solutions including Web Design, SMO / SEO Services, Digital Marketing to clients across the world. We are able to offer in-depth, professional consultation on how the technology of VR is able to play a key role in generating new business for your company.

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12 Best Web Design Practices for an Increased Conversion Rat...

Business owners have started realizing that owning a website isn’t enough now. A website should be able to turn the visitors into successful conversions and thus generate revenue. With tight competition, businesses have to think about the most effective steps to make the website stand out from that of their competitors and it all starts with a carefully planned out web design. Here, we will look into some of the best design-based practices that you can implement to boost the sales and conversion rates.

1. Have a Unique Selling Proposition

Creating a unique value proposition for the website is considered as a key challenge. People need to know why they should do business with you. The best idea is to have it centrally placed within your website for a clear view.

2. An Effective Call-To-Action (CTA) button

An effective CTA should tell the user to take an action. It should be prominent and clearly clickable.  Also, it is advised to have the CTA buttons in red, orange or green to get the highest conversion rate.

3. Keep the Design Simple

Consumers prefer a minimalist design keeping the data brief and direct. It conveys professionalism and reliability which is important for establishing trust and branding.

4. Improve the Loading Speed
Chances are, people will leave your website of it takes much time to load. According to the studies, one-second delay in loading time reduces the conversion rate by 7%.

5. Opt for a Responsive Design

Most people nowadays access the Internet through mobile devices. Only a responsive design adapts to fit any type of device trying to access them.  

6. Make the Navigation Easy

Ensure the site navigation is fairly easy to use so that the users will not be confused finding the information they are looking for. A better navigation takes them to the data with fewest possible number of clicks.

7. Use High Quality Images

Image quality actually plays an important role in creating an impression on the brand and its reputation. Studies show that websites with high quality images get 94% more views than others.

8. Have Fresh and Informative Content

A fresh and quality content provides the customer unique information about what you offer which helps increasing the conversion rate.

9. Include Genuine Reviews and Testimonials

Reviews and testimonials help influencing the current customers to sell to potential customers. People consider these social proofs reflects the current behavior of products/services provided.   

10. Choose an Appealing Color Scheme

Studies show that there is a correlation between the color chosen and buying decisions. When you choose a color, try with different options to see which one works the best or fit your brand image.

11. Educate Readers by Having Blogs

Having a provision for adding blogs and regularly updating it with high-quality content is a better idea to have targeted more readers and thus improve the conversion rate.

12. Creative way for Branding

Different possible strategies are to be used in a creative way for the branding. Your website being the most important marketing tool for brand building should be designed in such a way to have promoted in a positive way.  

An impressive web design is a creativity that takes a lot of careful planning. The design should consider the goals of the business and the end results of what you want to attain from your website.


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Improve Your Business with Mobile Friendly Websites

Internet users today are using mobile devices more than ever to search things and get their business done. Mobile phones, tablets, laptops, gaming devices, watches, and other mobile devices are used today by almost every consumer to search for products and service and make transactions. As a business it is essential that your consumers have access to your website in a seamless manner across various mobile devices. Almost every business has a mobile friendly website that helps them to reach out to their customers at all times across all devices.

 What is a mobile friendly website?
To begin with let us try to understand what exactly is a mobile friendly website? Mobile friendly websites are designed to display content across all devices in an aesthetically pleasing and easy to use and read format. In such mobile friendly websites, the content and interface are designed and formatted so that they can be displayed properly on smaller screens like that of smart phones and tablets without distortion. We at IDO Designs, as a web development company in Cochin, bring you the best mobile friendly websites that helps your business grow.

Mobile-friendly websites – Benefits
As mentioned earlier a mobile friendly website gives users of your website accessibility and use across multiple devices and platforms. There are a host of other advantages to having a mobile friendly website for your business.

Better and Improved User Experience
Web 2.0 and all its principles are primarily driven by two factors: UI (User Interface) and UX (User Experience). Modern websites are all about providing internet users with an unparalleled user experience and relevant information. Due to the smaller screen sizes of mobile devices when compared to laptop or computer screens, users will often prefer to surf websites on the devices that can carry around everywhere with ease. This requires website designers to develop websites that are mobile friendly. Recent studies have shown that nearly 74% of online users are less likely to do business with a company if they had bad experience using the website on a mobile device.

Faster Loading Speeds
The loading speeds determine the traffic to your website. This depends on how fast the page loads, which is an important criteria. Those websites that are not optimized for mobile devices will tend to load slowly or not at all on mobile devices. On the other hand mobile friendly websites or responsive websites will load quickly as its background code is structured in such a way that it makes the website seamlessly work in complete compatibility with other mobile devices.

Higher Mobile Search Rankings
Search engines like Google and Yelp have also optimized their algorithms to rank those websites whose pages load more efficiently across various devices. Therefore as a business to improve your search engine rank and listings it is critical that you have a mobile friendly website that is responsive and accessible across all types of screens and devices. This, as a result will help to boost your business’ website in search result rankings & maintain its relevance.

Keeping your Business Always One Step Ahead
The internet is changing every day and this can often affect and interrupt the way your business works. A mobile friendly website design can help protect your business from such changes by search engines continuously updating for new internet usage patterns and trends. You are also able to provide consumers with the best possible user experience when you adopt a mobile friendly website design

Easier Management of Websites
With a mobile friendly website design you don’t need to keep altering the layout of text, pictures, and videos depending on the device your visitors are using. The code that we at IDo Designs does that seamlessly across all mobile devices.

Futuristic Design
Mobile device technology is changing on a rapid scale like never before. Mobile screens are becoming larger and more accurate in terms of colour and display density. Mobile phones are faster than some of the computers we use and are used as a primary device for all sorts of work.  Therefore, it only makes sense to use a website design that is ready to handle the changes of the future technology and usage.

We at IDO Designs are the best mobile friendly website designers in Kochi. Our team can handle any sort of website requirements. 

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