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Improve Your Business with Mobile Friendly Websites

Internet users today are using mobile devices more than ever to search things and get their business done. Mobile phones, tablets, laptops, gaming devices, watches, and other mobile devices are used today by almost every consumer to search for products and service and make transactions. As a business it is essential that your consumers have access to your website in a seamless manner across various mobile devices. Almost every business has a mobile friendly website that helps them to reach out to their customers at all times across all devices.

 What is a mobile friendly website?
To begin with let us try to understand what exactly is a mobile friendly website? Mobile friendly websites are designed to display content across all devices in an aesthetically pleasing and easy to use and read format. In such mobile friendly websites, the content and interface are designed and formatted so that they can be displayed properly on smaller screens like that of smart phones and tablets without distortion. We at IDO Designs, as a web development company in Cochin, bring you the best mobile friendly websites that helps your business grow.

Mobile-friendly websites – Benefits
As mentioned earlier a mobile friendly website gives users of your website accessibility and use across multiple devices and platforms. There are a host of other advantages to having a mobile friendly website for your business.

Better and Improved User Experience
Web 2.0 and all its principles are primarily driven by two factors: UI (User Interface) and UX (User Experience). Modern websites are all about providing internet users with an unparalleled user experience and relevant information. Due to the smaller screen sizes of mobile devices when compared to laptop or computer screens, users will often prefer to surf websites on the devices that can carry around everywhere with ease. This requires website designers to develop websites that are mobile friendly. Recent studies have shown that nearly 74% of online users are less likely to do business with a company if they had bad experience using the website on a mobile device.

Faster Loading Speeds
The loading speeds determine the traffic to your website. This depends on how fast the page loads, which is an important criteria. Those websites that are not optimized for mobile devices will tend to load slowly or not at all on mobile devices. On the other hand mobile friendly websites or responsive websites will load quickly as its background code is structured in such a way that it makes the website seamlessly work in complete compatibility with other mobile devices.

Higher Mobile Search Rankings
Search engines like Google and Yelp have also optimized their algorithms to rank those websites whose pages load more efficiently across various devices. Therefore as a business to improve your search engine rank and listings it is critical that you have a mobile friendly website that is responsive and accessible across all types of screens and devices. This, as a result will help to boost your business’ website in search result rankings & maintain its relevance.

Keeping your Business Always One Step Ahead
The internet is changing every day and this can often affect and interrupt the way your business works. A mobile friendly website design can help protect your business from such changes by search engines continuously updating for new internet usage patterns and trends. You are also able to provide consumers with the best possible user experience when you adopt a mobile friendly website design

Easier Management of Websites
With a mobile friendly website design you don’t need to keep altering the layout of text, pictures, and videos depending on the device your visitors are using. The code that we at IDo Designs does that seamlessly across all mobile devices.

Futuristic Design
Mobile device technology is changing on a rapid scale like never before. Mobile screens are becoming larger and more accurate in terms of colour and display density. Mobile phones are faster than some of the computers we use and are used as a primary device for all sorts of work.  Therefore, it only makes sense to use a website design that is ready to handle the changes of the future technology and usage.

We at IDO Designs are the best mobile friendly website designers in Kochi. Our team can handle any sort of website requirements. 

Jun 15, 2019 by Admin
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