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Vital Designing Tips to Create a Unique Logo

A logo is a powerful asset and an important identity that represents all the values a brand upholds. It provides the first impression about your company to the prospects and so a well-designed logo is crucial for the brand. A logo also impacts the customer’s brand perception and purchase decision. Creation of an effective visual representation requires a set of specific skills, plenty of practice and experience, and knowledge. For this reason, here we have outlined some vital designing tips that will help create an exceptional logo for your brand.
#1 Go for a Simple Design
 This is the first and most useful tip. The logo should be simple such that it is an easy recognizable one. While designing, you may start with a relatively complicated one but make sure that it ends up with a simple version. Plan it the way such that you use one or two colors, fonts, and other elements. If the design is simple, the viewers get the message at first glance but if it is complex, then it is surely going to send mixed signals to the viewers.
#2 Understand the Needs and Goals of Your Brand
 Every logo has some kind of story and meaning. What you need to keep in mind while designing the logo is your brand’s ideology. Remember that the logo must reach a specific audience. Conducting extensive research about the needs and goals of your business and understanding the personas of your intended audience are the mandatory things to do before you start working on the logo.
#3 Use the Colors Cleverly
 Colors you use have a major role in determining the brand’s message. For example, blue implies the feelings of intelligence and togetherness which is why the reason Facebook and Twitter have their logos in blue. Similarly, every other color has a unique implication. Though bright and bold colors may grab the audience’s attention, you need to ensure that they speak the brand’s personality as well.
#4 Choose the Typography Brilliantly
 A custom typography and fonts could give your logo a unique appeal. Custom hand-drawn fonts can be used which would add more beauty to the design. For example, Coca-Cola's creative typography has impressed a lot many of us and it remains a memorable one. Though choosing the right font and font size is not an easy task, once it is done, the more it will distinguish your brand.
 #5 Do not Rely Entirely on the Trends
 Though it is essential to keep up with the trends, relying entirely on them will not be good as it would make your logo outdated quickly. It is always better to make use of your imaginative abilities for crafting a logo that is unique and timeless.
Having an exceptional logo is paramount for the success of your business. Considering the above designing tips helps you come up with a brilliant logo for your organization. However, you can handover the designing work to a professional logo designing company such as I Do Designs in Cochin. At I Do, we have the experts who are able to create a versatile and scalable logo that will represent your brand in a more meaningful way.

Jun 15, 2021 by Admin
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