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Strategic Insights Into Social Media Algorithms - A Guide for Marketers

Social media has changed our lifestyle a bit too much. It literally has influence in every aspect of our lives. The businesses keep trying to win the game of social media marketing. However the changing algorithms make it hard to keep up with the marketing codes of conduct. Algorithms are meant to deliver “relevant” content, not random posts. Though it might seem beneficial to an average marketer, the other marketers who don’t fully understand how the algorithms work will find themselves facing a consistent struggle. The fact is social media algorithms are not really inscrutable as you might think. In this blog, let’s uncover how social media algorithms work with an aim to discern and help marketers deal with the struggle.

Social Media Algorithms
A mathematical set of rules that specify how a collection of data behaves are called algorithms. It is the algorithm that assists in ranking the search results and ads. When it comes to social media, algorithms sorts the post in a user’s feed based on relevancy. The social media
algorithms vary for each platform - Facebook, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Instagram. Let’s have a dive into how it works for each platform.

How Does They Work for Each Platform?

The key to Facebook’s algorithm layout is meaningful interactions. Paid content has its relevance but it still revolves around customer engagement. Spam management is the newest strategy Facebook algorithm has adopted recently.

Significant Updates for 2021:
Posts in the groups and events are prioritized.
Implemented hashtag recommendations when you are composing a post, though this feature is made not yet available to everyone.

Instagram algorithm focuses on each and every aspect including relevancy, engagement, and content popularity.

Significant Updates for 2021:
Posts with hyperlinks won’t get recommended.
Contests or Giveaways also don’t get recommended
Reposted content taken from another source without added value will not get recommended.

Being a platform totally dedicated to networking, it’s algorithm is set on connection and post-engagement. A read-worthy content is the key to LinkedIn success.

Significant Updates for 2021:
Videos require good engagement to get prioritized.
Less priority to the contents from mega-influencers and more priority to that of non- internet-famous people.
The more time one spends on your content, greater is the chance that more people get to see it.

Priority always goes to the fresh and updated contents. Another influential factor in the ranking is the number of comments.

Significant Updates for 2021:
Though twitter continues to prioritize recent tweets and tweets with high engagement, we could also notice tweets with up to 2 hashtags and 100 characters, tweets with an image link, tweets where you ask your followers to retweet - are also getting prioritized.

Social media platforms are a major benefit to traffic and revenue. And it is crucial for marketers or businesses to understand social media algorithms for growing a long-term social presence. You are closer to success if you have learned how it works. Do connect with an expert social media marketing company such as I Do Designs in Cochin who has relevant knowledge about the algorithms and who could do the marketing with ease by using an enticing social media strategy.

Apr 27, 2021 by Admin
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