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What Does It Take to Develop a Successful Website?

If you are starting a website for a reason, you will want the site to accomplish all the goals. A successful website helps you stay ahead of the competition in your respective industry. Focus on these 10 key factors that can help you create a better and successful website.

Start with a Plan
Make a list of your ideas and establish overall website goals. Decide on the categories for products/services as a keyword analysis is to be done based on those categories. You can also draw a representation to visualize the website structure for planning.

Do Keyword Research
Identify the keywords used by the customers using Google AdWords Keyword Tool. Select keywords of highest search volume. Check for the competition of those keywords and work on those as it is difficult to compete with existing websites.

Act Wise with Selecting Domain Name and Hosting Provider
Choose a domain that includes the most relevant keyword. Prefer .com domain name as it gains more trust than others.

When it comes to hosting, opt for VPS Hosting if your website success relies on huge traffic. Others can run fine on a shared web hosting account.

Decide on Static or Dynamic Website
You should go for a CMS if the website content needs to be updated frequently. And if you have decided for a fixed number of pages and content, a static website without a back-end would do.

Select a Brilliant Template
If you don’t have enough design-budget, a ready to use and a good-looking website template will be a better option for your CMS based or static website. And if you are choosing a template with animations or sound, ensure you have the knowledge to edit Adobe flash files.

Have Unique and Fresh Content
Well-written content that is optimized with the chosen keywords get the chance to rise to the top of the search results and gain reader’s attention.

Basic Optimizations
The different header tags h1, h2, h3 etc. are a must use parameter. It’s also important to use a relevant page title, meta description and “ALT” attribute in image tags.

Site Audit and Rectify Errors
Check the functionality of your website in different web browsers. Identify all the errors and rectify all of them before making the site live.

Track & Learn Through Google Analytics
Google Analytics is a great platform that provides valuable insights, including the behavior of your visitors, no. of pages visited by a user and most visited page which helps in optimizing your website from time to time.

Have Good Promotion
Paid advertising is one of the different ways to get more visitors to your website. And there are options to submit press releases for free and paid as well. It increases the chance of your website get mentioned in a newsletter. Adding the website link on to the social profile will also help a lot.

If you want your website to be successful, it needs to stay ahead of its competitors. At I Do, we help you build a website that genuinely stands out from the gathering and one that meet all your requirements.

Oct 09, 2019 by Admin
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