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How Does a Responsive Web Design Benefit Your Business

Nowadays, most of the Internet users are using mobile devices to reach to the World Wide Web. It is extremely important that a mobile-friendly web design is so critical to your company’s website.
What is a Responsive Web Design?
A responsive web design method aims at coding a website to give an optimal viewing, reading and navigational experience across different devices, including mobile phones, tablets, laptops, gaming devices, watches, and other mobile devices. I Do Designs, a leading web application development company in Cochin, help develop responsive web designs that will help the businesses grow.
Benefits of Responsive Web Design
1.    Improved User Experience
The study shows that 52% of Internet users hesitate to do business with a company if they had a bad mobile experience. The responsive web design makes sure that the mobile presence is functional and attractive. Functional is finding the actual information someone is searching for. Mobile optimized websites will significantly improve the user experience and satisfaction, which make a positive impression about the company.
2.    Faster Loading Speed
Mobile users will abandon a web page if they have to wait for more than 6 seconds to load. Websites that are mobile optimized loads faster as the code is structured in a way to make the website completely compatible. A normal website that is not mobile optimized will render too slowly on mobile devices. The consistent message from Google over the years has been that search results consider the fast loading sites more.
3.    Improved Search Rankings
As we all know, Google regularly changes its ranking algorithm. And the fact is that some ranking signals are mobile-friendly. Google now favors responsive websites over websites that are not responsive as they found most of the users’ access internet through their mobile devices. And responsive websites help boost the search engine rankings so that the chance is more than that you are chosen by a user.     
4.    Helps Keep Your Business Ahead in Progress
As Google updates their algorithms, there is a chance that the flow of your business is interrupted. Search engines continually update for new mobile trends and thus a mobile-friendly website design help protect your business from such updates.

Responsive Websites are Uncomplicated to Manage
With a mobile-friendly design, there is no need to change the layout of text, images and videos as the device changes.
A Design for the Future
Nowadays, new devices with larger screens are being introduced by the mobile companies. And everyone prefers a responsive design that already accounts for the changes in the future. Being able to offer your customers a wonderful mobile optimized experience means you have expanded the reach of your business which will improve the chances your services are being discussed more. I Do Designs at Cochin offers web design services that are 100% responsive, so as it will adapt all devices from mobile to web. We make sure that your web page is designed professionally, clear and crisp, and easy to navigate.


Nov 11, 2019 by Admin
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