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How Does the Technology of Virtual and Augmented Reality Impact Web Designing?

Web design has taken a long journey since when the first ever website was published. The once static websites have advanced into dynamic ones. Another significant consideration for the web development was the explosion of the mobile web. This digital revolution has given way to the popularization of responsive design. When comparing the website designs today with the old ones, you will realize how far we have come in terms of technology.

A perfect website needs to clearly communicate with the audience what you do and it absolutely needs to be compelling so as to make the users visit all other pages. The design of the website matters a lot when it comes to its success. A nice design in terms of usability and utility determines an aesthetic and functional website. Good web designers know that design is a practice and it requires iteration and exploration.

Web design companies in Kerala have started to take advantage of new technologies to enhance the browsing experience of their websites. The biggest evolution is the technology of virtual reality and augmented reality. And the websites are gradually getting into this trend for offering a great user experience.

Virtual reality brings about an exhaustive immersion experience that makes the users feel like they are out of the physical world. Users need to be trained to interact with the virtual environment so as to experience a situation in real-time. The technology can be experienced by using a headset, which the users need to wear on their eyes. It can also be used for enhancing the experience of imaginary but real situations like gaming or 3D videos. Virtual Reality is implemented using Augmented Reality. It is the technology that presents the virtual objects in real-world scenarios in real time. This involves adding details to the existing items so as to create a totally new but artificial environment.

Both the technologies can operate independently and can also create magic when merged together. The effect these technologies produce will be going to have a particularly huge impact on the way we browse. Augmented Reality (AR) offers a complete 360 experience where the users will be able to access the information in an organized fashion. With this influential technology, users can engage with the product or service before taking a decision on purchasing or utilizing it. This exciting technology provides the web designers more opportunity to interact with the users.

Looking at how web design has advanced thus far, it’s more than interesting and exciting to guess about where it will be in the future years. I DO Designs is one among the top web development companies in Kerala, equipped with a team of experienced professionals, offering comprehensive digital media solutions including Web Design, SMO / SEO Services, Digital Marketing to clients across the world. We are able to offer in-depth, professional consultation on how the technology of VR is able to play a key role in generating new business for your company.

Aug 21, 2019 by Admin
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