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Website Improvements to Stimulate a Post-COVID-19 Sales Boost

Though the COVID-19 pandemic has caused severe survival threats to businesses, it has set a huge opportunity for businesses to focus on new forms of selling online. The majority of the people have adopted using online channels post-COVID-19, and this has caused a change in their shopping behavior - they do it all online. Your business can absolutely utilize this behavior to bounce back! Focus on improving your website which will turn your potential visitors into clients. Let’s go through some ways of website improvements that will help to encourage post-COVID-19 sales to boost.

Improvise Elements That are Responsible for Website Traffic

#Page Loading Time

You will be losing potential customers if it takes too long for your website to load. Improving the page load time means you are enabling a seamless customer experience. Consider reducing the image file size or switch your hosting provider to another that allows more bandwidth.

#Website CTA Buttons
Use effective and impressive texts for the CTA buttons and also, be more selective with choosing the color of the button as it has found to have a huge impact on optimizing new leads. Orange is a brilliant option to go with.
#Designs and Visuals
Consider revamping your website with a great design and visuals that will help gain traction, reduce bounce rate and rank better on the search engine results.

Update Your Written Content
 It’s extremely worthwhile to update or freshen up your website content. It should not be too wordy but short and brief. An easy to read content has a huge impact on pushing sales on your website. Also, consider optimizing it with the right set of keywords to achieve your business goals.

Improve Your Customer Service Options
Shoppers could be frustrated sometimes with the busy phone lines. So it’s always better to have an alternate option for customer servicing. A live chat customer service is a good option to avoid such network issues and help users enjoy a better experience with your brand.

Re-Evaluate Your Offering or Product Focus
COVID-19 has of course caused a change in what customers are looking for. Products you are selling may be irrelevant to the customer's current needs, while other products that you have in stock are of huge importance to them. Realizing this and determining what you should be selling after the pandemic is something that you should highly focus on. It absolutely helps maximize the income of your business.
These are a few of the website improvements that our web development company in Cochin, I Do Designs, do for boosting our client’s sales post-COVID-19. Hope this blog works as a guide providing necessary information about maintaining your website’s health and thereby attracting new sales opportunities.


Feb 11, 2021 by Admin
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