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Social Media Marketing

What is Social Media Marketing?

Social media is one of the most powerful marketing tools that has the ability to communicate with your target audience in real time. It has the power to drive significant growth to your business. It allows you to create an online community composed of followers, fans, and even brand ambassadors. In fact, your target audience is wanting to connect with your organization on social media! The best performing social media platforms for businesses are Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, YouTube, and Google Business.

This rising digital age requires an effective social media marketing strategy for your business to succeed. An accomplished social media marketing company will get your business there faster! The ability to create and maintain social media channels are the challenges most companies run into. At I Do Designs, the best social media marketing company in Kerala, our social media marketing solutions cater to any size business. We deliver expert assistance and services to companies looking to optimize their digital marketing campaigns.

The Five Core Factors of Social Media Marketing


At I Do, one of the best online marketing agencies in Kochi, Kerala, we do a comprehensive audit of your existing social media profiles, analyze the challenges you have encountered, and make a report that outlines the audience and competitor insights, and opportunity areas. A suitable marketing strategy is then developed after evaluating your audience’s interests, nature, and preferred social media platform.

Planning and Publishing

When it comes to publishing, consistency is a key factor to look for. A perfect, pre-planned posting schedule implies that your brand is reliable and professional. Also, you need to check for great content that the majority of your audiences like. The social media company uses scheduling tools such as Buffer Publish that will help with publishing content automatically at the set time.

Listening and Engagement

You are going to get compliments or complaints about your brand in the social media platform. Monitoring and responding to conversations are important. People could speak about your brand without your knowledge. You get a chance to delight if it is a positive comment, else you can fix it by responding. The social media marketing company uses social media listening and engagement tools that will help with getting a list of all your social media mentions, and even posts about your brand that didn’t tag you.

Analytics and Reporting

You need to analyze how your social media marketing works. Is it performing better than earlier? How many users have mentioned you in their posts or utilized your brand’s hashtag? A basic level of such data is given by the social media itself. More in-depth analytics information is used by social media marketing agencies with the help of social media analytics tools such as Buffer Analyze.


Social media ads get your business to a wider audience. With the advertising platform, you can decide to whom you want to display your ads to. The target audiences can be set based on the age, location, interest, behaviour, and more. Social media marketing companies use advertising tools that help with running more than one social media advertising campaigns at a time.

How are Search and Social Media Marketing Related?

Social media is gently increasing its importance as a marketing platform rather than searches, which is a huge source of customers. Both social media marketing and search engine marketing can complement each other. With social media, people get to know about new content or brands whereas search engines get you traffic from people who are searching phrases related to your business. Leveraging both will help you attain traffic from a variety of different sources.

What I Do Designs will do for you?

Your business is not relevant if you are not on social media. I Do - one of the leading digital marketing companies in Kochi, can help with that! Wish to set up a social media page? Or maintain your existing page? Well, we assure to be with you every step of the way.

Staying up-to-date with the ever-changing algorithms is a must because it can affect how people find you. Another thing is that more social media platforms are popping up causing you confusion about whether you are on the right platform. In short, it is cumbersome writing content and optimizing for different platforms. And yes, social media is a lot of work, but you still need social media marketing to succeed! I Do Designs is here to help. Our social media management services start with setting up social media or facebook pages with attractive banners and logo for your business.

Using Facebook for Social Media Marketing

I Do Designs, our social media marketing company in Ernakulam helps you get verified, design size-relatives banners for Facebook marketing, set target audience, and more. In short, our social media marketing experts are committed to develop a community around your business on Facebook thereby polishing your brand and improving the public relations. We do the same for other popular social media platforms such as Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, YouTube, and Google Business. I Do, the best digital marketing agency in Kerala, consider every aspect of how you want to be perceived by the public. Contact us today for your facebook page management or facebook promotion, or let’s discuss how we can create a social media marketing strategy for you.

Using Instgram for Social Media Marketing

Instagram has opened its platform to market your product and services. Instagram marketing strategies help your business like you have never thought before. It gets your brand out in front of your target audience, quicker than ever before. At I Do, we will manage your Instagram business account, stories, posts and Ads. We help you maximize your brand reach, increase traffic inflow, and build reputation. A content-rich story that will inspire and entertain users is a go-viral option with Instagram. A striking image and content with a strong CTA button engages both potential and loyal customers. Including links in the posts also drive traffic to your website and increase customer conversions. Want to discuss how it can benefit your business? I Do is ready to help you grow on Instagram. Our tiered pricing allows you to start your campaign at affordable prices.

Using Twitter for Social Media Marketing

Twitter is a simple, user-friendly, and highly accessible platform effective for small, local businesses as well as large corporations. It is well suited to both B2B and B2C spheres. A combination of organic and paid Twitter marketing strategies take your brand to the right audience at the right time. At I Do Designs, we develop a comprehensive strategy for Twitter marketing that includes forming original content, engaging with your followers, creating highly targeted advertisements, and more. Don’t have a Twitter page set up for your business? Worry not! Contact I Do, we will set up and optimize your Twitter profile, ensure you choose an ideal profile or cover image, create keyword-rich descriptions, and include all relevant contact information. To learn more about our Twitter marketing, get in touch with our social media experts today.

Using YouTube for Social Media Marketing

YouTube serves as a great channel for marketing. It helps businesses to highlight your brand, enhances the credibility of your organization, increases your visitor traffic, caters potential lead generation, and creates brand awareness. At I Do Designs, we handle your YouTube marketing project in a professional and time-bound manner. Our strategy involves producing high-quality and informative videos that can attract the audience while portraying your product or service neatly. We keep a track of how many views you have received for your video. Do you have plans to use YouTube marketing services as a part of your marketing strategy? Get in touch with us, we will help you bring your brand in limelight by developing strong YouTube campaigns that will boost your online credibility.

Using Pinterest for Social Media Marketing

Pinterest, the image-driven social network has become a great way to connect with the audience, build your brand and win sales. Both B2B and B2C businesses can benefit from Pinterest marketing. The platform allows you to showcase stunning photos of your products, or services. You can add your link by which you will be able to take the users to your website. Also, you can curate a collection of other users' content that you think are relevant for your brand. Setting up a business account allows you to use the analytics tools to measure your performance on Pinterest. An SEO-friendly username and proper profile optimization are a must. At I Do, our team will discuss with you about the best way to promote your business on Pinterest. We start from creating your business account to making it pin-friendly and help execute all the components of the developed strategy. We do complete reporting and analysis of the activities that will allow us to test, refine, and improve results for maximum user engagement.

Google Business Page

Possessing a Google Business Page helps you create a robust online presence for your brand. With it, you can generate more leads, conversions, and get more visibility to customers. In short, your brand can do a lot of things if you own a Google Business Page. At I Do Designs, the social media marketing company in Kochi, we’d love to manage your Google Business Page - be it the creation, verification, and updation.

Our digital marketing company in Cochin, Kerala not only makes sure the data is correct, but also optimizes the listing to maximize your visibility in searches. Having a Google Business Page allows the generation of reviews for your business. We will constantly monitor the reviews on your listing, deal with google review reply and google review deletion. Let’s discuss us to see if an optimized Google Business Page is the right SEO service program for you.

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