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Domain Registration & Hosting

What is a Domain?

Your website is your great marketing asset, and it obviously needs to work for you - and your customers. A custom domain name for your business website gives you a distinctive identity on the web. Choosing it wisely is imperative for your success. The name should be unique, memorable and personalized. It helps to attain a professional image, creating an unforgettable impression on your clients and boosting your online presence with regards to high search engine rankings.

What are the Popular Extensions?

The seven popular domain extensions are .com, .net, .in, .org, .us, .co, and .info. The domain extension that you choose has a much more important role than you consider.

Commercial, Business, eCommerce

A domain with .com carries more authority than other extensions. It works well for businesses who wish to promote their services or products online. Also, when it comes to backlink building, a domain with .com is likely to gain you more interest and credibility.

Network, Internet Provider, Services, Technology

The .net stands for network. Internet providers, network service providers and many websites that are tech related are the main categories that use .net extension.

Organizations, Non-profits, Individual, Communities

It was originally designed for non-profit organizations but it is now open to any person or organization. It’s highly suitable for non-governmental organizations, non-profit services, political parties, etc.


It’s a country-code top-level domain. If you are an Indian and planning to establish your business relationship with Asia, it is suitable to buy .in domain extension.


It is relatively a new extension. It’s known as a domain extension that represents a company, ie. it tells the internet user that your website belongs to a company.


The domain extension .info stands for information. Anyone can register a .info domain.

How Can I Register a Domain?

At I Do Designs, we help you find the perfect domain name to represent you at affordable prices. Our marketing professionals will brainstorm great potential domain names for you, check their availability, and register them on your behalf. Contact us if you have concerns about what/how many domains you should register, or whether to choose .com, .net, .in, or other types of domain. We guarantee to take care of the registration process with top-notch security to put you at ease. Have an existing domain? Well, we will manage the domain transfer and renewals as well.

What is the Duration of Registration?

The duration of the domain registration starts from one year. It should be renewed every one year. You can also register it for a maximum of 10 years, by which you will be able to save the future cost hike.

Who will Keep the Details?

At I Do Designs, we take your domain ownership very seriously. We guarantee to protect all your information and are willing to share it with you anytime upon request. Our domain registration service ensures a consistent, cost operative and easy maintenance duly complemented with technical and customer support.

What will Happen if I do not Renew the Domain?

Every time your domain approaches its expiry date, it should be renewed. If it is not renewed, it enters into the so-called ‘Grace Period’, which lasts between 0-30 days. There will not be any additional cost associated with it, and you can still renew your domain at the normal rate.

When the grace period expires, the domain again enters into a status called ‘Redemption’. It is the last chance to renew the domain, but with a redemption fee plus regular renewal cost. If it is still not renewed, then the domain is “released” and will be available for new purchases again.

Domain Privacy

Domain privacy is also known as Whois privacy. If a user buys a domain their details are visible to the public at any time and can retrieve by some domain tools. If we are adding domain privacy these details are hidden from the public and cant retrieve using any domain tools. This will help the user who has not much technical knowledge to safeguarded his domain from unauthorized transfer requests.

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